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Music weekly #3 Fabulous Music Art

The days of going out and buying an LP, is long time gone. As a format for music I really don't miss it at all, even though there is people claiming to the sound quality, which was superior (most notable in old recordings that was not made for the digital format).
But the thing missing with todays music purchases are the visual pleasures. Coming home with a brand new LP was a 2 part deligth, the music itself, the cover art and some times all pictures, artwork and lyrics inside the sleev. Many artist still create greate art for cd covers, but the cd are just to small to really enjoy it.

Thanks to the fabulous art of Mark Wilkinson I have several great pices hanging around my house, and thankt to his web page The Masque everybody can enjoy some of the greates album covers of all time.

Mark Wilkinson have created art works for Marillion, Fish, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Jimmy Page, The Who and lots more. This week he updated his web page, and I found this amazing picture of a group called Koritni. Checking on Spotify, and found some older albums from them, it looks like the album with Mark Wilkinsons art work haven't been released yet.

Listning to the record on Spotify was a positive experience, this is good old fasion Hard Rock.

Koritni - 155 Spotify link
Koritni - 155 (Live) Youtube link

Koritni - Heaven Again Spotify link
Koritni - Heaven Again Youtube link

Mark Wilkinson also have done alot of Judas Priest artwork, some of the most astonishing have been made for the Nostradamus album. And there is alot of great Metal tp be heard by them as well

Judas Priest – Prophecy Spotify link
Judas Priest - Prophecy (Live) Youtube link

Judas Priest – Breaking The Law Spotify link
Judas Pries - Breaking The Law Youtube link

And to end this week, something funny and weird

Caramba – Hubba hubba zoot zoot Spotify link

The Tokens - The lion sleeps tonight Youtube funny video

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