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Music weekly #4 The Covers

Last week I blogged about cover art, this week I remove the art bit and go into cover versions.

Faith Healer
Cover versions can some times make you cry. Sadly most of the times it's because it kills a great song like when like Brittany Spears did "I love Rock'N Roll" (Don't worry, the link goes to Joan Jett & The Blackhearts original version). But sometimes you just cry of happiness like when Fish does "Faith Healer" an Alex Harvey song. A great Scott, covering another great Scott.

The Original
Alex Harvey - Faith Healer Spotify link
Alex Harvey - Faith Healer Youtube link

The Covers
Fish - Faith Healer Spotify link
Fish - Faith Healer Youtube link
Killers - Faith Healer Spotify link
Killers - Faith Healer Youtube link
The Cure - Faith Healer Youtube link

Fish - Healing the faith

Alex Harvey did a great version of the song himself, but I still prefer the Fish vesion.

Bad Gone Great
A great example on real bad version turning into gold when being covered are "Twist and Shout". And before you start to complain, it's not an original Beatles song, it was actually made by "The Top Notes" and it was called "Shake It Up, Baby" the first time around. The Isley Brothers did the first know cover, before it became an Beatles "original"

The Original

The Covers
The Beatles - Twist and Shout Youtube link
Bon Jovi - Twist and Shout Youtube link

And the weird
U900 - Twist and Shout Youtube link

The Cover Of The Cover Of Rolling Stone
This might be the only band that can make Motley Crue look like quireboys (Hey You, I don't mean the band, but the actual church thing) Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

The Original
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - The Cover Of Rolling Stone Youtube link
Poison - The Cover Of Rolling Stones Youtube link

The Best Medicine
When hearing a crappy cover version (or original for that sake), find the original or your favorite version of it and play it until you forget the bad one. It might take some time, but don't let it ruin a great song.

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