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Changing the password of directory service restore mode

Just sitting playing around with ntdsutil and the possibility to change the directory service restore mode password. This is a feature that most companies forget, or are not aware of. If you dont know the password for the domain controllers you cant restore the Active Directory database, remember that domain controllers don't have local user database?. So the password you typed in during domain controller setup "dcpromo" are important, but easy to forget. Lots of times it's not documented and different on all dc's

You had to use a tool called "Ntdsutil", an important tool for Directory Services administration, to change password after the first setup of "Dcpromo". Luckily you could run the command from just one of the domain controllers and change it on each any every domain controller by using a line of parameters
Scripting have been the way of doing it automaticly, you had the choices of making an advanced script to collect dc server names o…

Is there any features on your Windows Server that you dont use?

Of course, and this tuesday I am just going to ramble about it.

Holding a norwegian presentation about feature and stuff that could optimize you Windows Server experience. Don't understand norwegian?. Thats strange!!!!, every norwegian person start to learn english when they are 8-9 years, so I just asummed that every english speaking country learned norwegian at the same time ;-)

Give me a sound if its worth doing a english version webcast or something

Sccm 2007 Nice to know stuff

Holding a Microsoft Sccm course next week and this is just some notes about stuff thats nice to know but easy to forget:

Some important abbreviations:
MP – Management Point
DP – Distribution Point
RP – Reporting Point
BDP – Branch Distribution Point
DDR - Data Discovery Record
FSP – Fallback Status Point
SMP – State Migration Point
SUP – Software Updateing Point
SLP – Server Locator Point
PSP – PXE Service Point
SHV – System Health Validator
IBCM - Internet Client Based Management (Native mode)

Link to a Glossary:

Link to the Infrastructure planning and design guides for System Center:

Link to some super flowcharts to help in the processes like deployment of clients, backup, etc.:

Link to Quizzes about SCCM:

Link to documentation library:…