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Updating your WIM file with DISM

If you want to patch up your Windows image file (wim file) with the newest patches you can use the DISM commando. The DISM commando are available in Windows 8 as default or as a part of the WAIK or ADK download from Microsoft.

TechED session getting closer and some recommandations

Soon I will leave for TechED and New Orleans, looking forward to both TechED and the city, never been in New Orleans before and always wanted to go. I am sure it will be amazing. My session is getting ready and I can promise a lot of demonstrations, for now it looks like it will be 9. Seeingis believing :-) 

Showing saved credentials

Sometime you just get frustrated, you have forgotten a password and you know it is saved on of your computers. However, you need to use it from another device or maybe use it with a mail client program instead of webmail. In many cases, you can just ask for a password reset, but if you have changed email since you first time create a user on that service it will not work, or it can be a service without the possibility to reset.
I had the experience myself just the other day. For me it was a NAS box (network storage device), that I for the first time in ages need to access as admin instead of using it as an ordinary file service. To make things difficult I had changed IP address on the device since last login from my computer so the automatic login from the computer that had stored the password did not recognize it as a saved connection. What to do now!
Maybe one of the most ordinary examples for when you need this tip I am going to give now is for users that have saved their password f…